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– The IDEAL School of Manhattan. New York, NY.   www.theidealschool.org/

– Third Street Music School Settlement.  New York, NY.   www.thirdstreetmusicschool.org



– Children’s Shelter Foundation.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.  www.childrensshelter.com

– Joy’s House. Chiang Mai, Thailand.  www.guesthouse-chiangmai.com/foundation/

– School for LIfe.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.  www.school-for-life.asia/

– Beluga School for Life.  Khao Lak, Thailand.   www.belugaschoolforlife.com/



– Reyum Art School.  Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  www.reyum.org                  [Video]

– Phare Ponleu Selpak.  Battambang, Cambodia.  www.phareps.org/         [Video]



– Heartbeat. Kathmandu, Nepal.  www.heart-beat.org/                                  [Video]

– Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal.  www.panepal.org/



– Embassy of the United States.  Ankara, Turkey.   http://turkey.usembassy.gov/

– ZICEV. The Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV) was established in 1982 and strives to meet the educational and future needs of mentally handicapped children throughout Turkey in a sustainable way.   Ankara and Samsun, Turkey.                    www.zicev.org.

– LOSEV.  Ankara, Turkey.  The Foundation for Children with Leukemia.  [Link]

– TOBAV.  State Theater, Opera and  Ballet Employees Foundation.  Ankara, Turkey. http://www.tobavnet.org/english.htm

Ordu Municipality Black Sea Theater. OBKT.  Ordu, Turkey.  [Link]



– U.S. Embassy Athens, Greece.   [Link]

– Onassis Cultural Center.  Athens, Greece.  www.sgt.gr/en

– SKEP.  Athens, Greece          www.skep.gr

The Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth thoroughly reflects the need for inspiring perceptions and modern mentalities, as the ones we aim at highlighting through RepowerGreece.com.

Its goal is to help society get acquainted with diversity, to break down prejudice, to unite, compose and give everyone -with no exceptions- the opportunity to build a better future.

By bringing children and youth with physical, sensory, intellectual, social and mental disabilities from special education schools and institutions together with students from schools and universities in innovative art workshops, SKEP becomes an ideal communication and interaction platform, upon which relations based on understanding, respect and acceptance are build inspiring fresh mindsets within the broader society.

– U.S. Consolate General Thessaloniki.  Thessaloniki, Greece.

– ELEPAP. Rehabilitation for the Disabled.  Thessaloniki, Greece.  www.elepap.gr/



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