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In 2005 Timothy Lomas volunteered with Phuket Project a relief program assisting in the rebuilding of communities along the coast of Thailand after the devastating Tsunami.

During the day we would lay cement foundations for new homes and in the afternoon I would volunteer doing art with the children living in the relief camps.   All of these children had lost their homes, most of them had lost loved ones.  In many ways the activity of making art provided an outlet of expression and was the most normalizing part of their day in the midst of so much adversity and upheaval.  Some of the artwork was brought back with me to New York City for a fundraiser and exhibition at the Third Street Music School Settlement entitled ‘After the Wave’.  In many ways this work was the beginning of, and set the template for, what would become Global Children’s Art Programme.

Over the years in Thailand we have worked with Children’s Shelter Foundation and Joy’s House (Chiang Mai), School for Life (Chiang Mai) and Beluga School for Life (Khao Lak).  GLOCAP currently has grown with projects in seven countries.

Latest Posts from Thailand and the Journal

Children’s Shelter Foundation. Chiang Mai, Thailand. 2014

Making festive rainbow lanterns for the rainy season with the Hilltribe students at Children’s Shelter Foundation, in the foothills north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The...
Ideal World

Featured Artwork

“An IDEAL World” (is always a work in Progress) This multi-media mural was created by the students of the IDEAL school of manhattan in New York City in 2009 with Timothy...

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Your direct contribution will fund our missions to under-resourced areas of the world.  We will be able to provide education, materials, and supplies in a variety of mediums...

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